New To Counter-Strike
What is Counter-Strike?
Counter-Strike is a modification for Half-Life. A modification is an extra game using the Half-Life game, using different graphics, sounds, weapons, objectives and game play. The game is based upon real life, elite task force operations. Springing attacks on buildings as a united team of counter terrorists trying to free the hostages in a short time with high stakes. There are many different scenarios covered as will be discussed later on. The game is designed to combine real life action with a big dose of fun. This game certainly delivers.

To play Counter-Strike you will need to download and install the latest patch for Half-Life. The patch upgrades and enhances the release of Half-Life. This will make the game better and smoother for playing online.

To download the patch just click on the following link HERE and then open it upon finishing the download.
When you run the patch you will notice that the patch will automatically point to the destination of Half-Life. Just click on ok to upgrade the game.

If you choose to use the desktop game launcher then you can just go straight to the game set-up.

You have now installed and set-up Counter-Strike and its time to go play.

Joining A Server
There are two ways of finding servers to try out your foundling Counter-Strike skills.

Option 1:
Click on "Internet Games" and allow it to update and refresh servers. By clicking on "Game" at the top of the box will arrange the list of servers in alphabetic order. Now scroll down the list of servers till you find servers labelled GamesInferno.
Look at the servers until you see one that you like. When you have found one either double click on it and then or click on the server and then click on "Join Game". The game will now join the server.

Option 2:
Using a game browser, such as Gamespy (http://www.gamespy.com).
These browsers can show a list of servers for a variety of different games. Each server operator (eg: GamesInferno) has its own list of its servers. You can tell Gamespy to go and look at this list and display the list for you.
To add the GamesInferno Counter-Strike master server into Gamespy you will need to do the following.

Setting Gamespy to see Half-Life.
Under the menu Gamespy click on Games and Filters. Now click on Half-Life and then click folder. You will now have to point to the path where you installed Half-Life then click on OK.
You will now have to click OK again to finish.

You will now have a new tab on the left side of the screen called Half-Life, which means you have set-up Gamespy to see Half-Life. Now you will have to tell Gamespy to view the server list. To do this right mouse button on this new tab and then select "Add SmartSpy List". In the new screen you see, add this information.
Name = GamesInferno
Internet Address = hlmaster.gamesinferno.com
port = 27010

Then click on OK.

Now click on the newly formed GamesInferno tab under Half-Life and go to the "Tools" menu followed by "Update Selected Source".

Now browse down the list of servers for a desired server and double click the server you wish to join.

Playing Counter-Strike
As you enter the game you will notice there is two sides. It is the job of each side to complete a set of objectives that will mean in confrontation between the two sides. The idea being that one side is a nasty terrorist fraction and the other side being the good counter-terrorists group. This means if it’s the job of the terrorists to hold hostages then it’s the counter-terrorists job to rescue them and lead them to safety.
Upon joining a server the first thing you will have to do is choose which side you would like to be on. You can choose between the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Hitting either 1 or 2 from the following menu does this.
    1: Terrorist
    2: Counter-Terrorist
Then you get a second option to choose what you will look like in a game.

    1: Phoenix Connektion
    2: L337 Krew
    3: Artic Avenger
    4: Gorilla Warface
    5: Auto Select
Auto select will choose a random skin from the above.

You will find it helps to pick the appearance of your trooper depending on the conditions of the map.
If the map is dark then “the Phoenix Connektion” skin will make you hard to see.
On a desert type map then the “L337” skin will be best suited to this type of map.
On a snowy map the “Arctic Avenger” skin will be the best for camouflage.
If it’s an outdoor map then this skin is highly suited to jungle warfare.

    1: Navy Seal
    2: German GSG
    3: UK SAS
    4: French GIGN
    5: Auto Select
This is really down to personal choice as all the skins are very similar but belong to a certain kind of well-known counter terrorist organisation.
Now you will join the game. You will most likely find that a game is in progress and that you will have to wait for the round to finish before you can join. You will be joined as a spectator where you will be able to chat to other spectators. You will not be able to talk to any player who is in the game though. Typically a round will last at the very most five minutes.

Once in the game you will have to spend some money to get a better weapon, accessories and armour. Depending on how well you do the money will change per game. To get more money to access the better items you need to kill and survive and make sure you kill the correct people. Sometimes, shooting your team-mates is unavoidable. A snap shot at a target seen out of the corner of your eye, where you thought none of your team-mates would be, would still be frowned upon, but is at least understandable. Deliberately killing or hurting members of your own team is a quick way to earn yourself a bad name from everyone else on the server. It also spoils the game for both sides. If you kill a team-mate it will earn you a one round ban. Repeating will result in expulsion from the server. Do it enough that it comes to the attention of an admin and your access to ALL GamesInferno servers can, and will be denied. Some servers have team damaging turned off, but it does detract from the “realism” aspect of Counter-Strike that the mod is all about. Just be careful before you shoot!! Killing hostages and team-mates is not the best way to go about getting extra money.

The Buy Zone.
The starting point of each map, as well as a certain area around it, is your “Buy Zone” – shown buy a little shopping trolley at the side of your screen. When in your “Buy Zone” you can pick up new weapons, accessories and ammunition. To access the buy menu just press your buy menu key (Default B). You'll be then faced with a menu showing you what you can buy. If any items text is in grey then you cant buy that weapon. You can only spend your hard earned cash in the first 60 seconds of the round. You will not be allowed to go back for more after this time.
You will be able to buy: -
  • One primary weapon
  • One secondary weapon
  • One HE grenade
  • Two flash grenades
  • Some equipment
There is now a nice visual point and click menu system in Counter-Strike. This enables you to use the mouse to select the weapons and items you want. You can also still use just the number keys to select them too.
This is what the weapons menu will look like.
    1: Handgun
    2: Shotgun
    3: Sub-Machine Gun
    4: Rifle
    5: Machine Gun
    6: Primary Weapon Ammo
    7: Secondary Weapon Ammo
    8: Equipment

    0: Exit
In each of the above menu options you will get a sub menu relating to the option.

If you select option 1 (handgun) you will see:
    1: H&K USP .45 Tactical
    2: Glock18 Select Fire
    3: Desert Eagle .50AE
    4: SIG P228

    0: Exit
Under Option 2 (shotgun):
    1: Benelli M3 Super90
    2: Benelli XM1014

Under Option 3 (Sub-Machine Gun):
    1: H&K MP5-Navy
    2: Stevr Tactical Machine Pistol
    3: FN P90
    4: Ingram MAC-10

    0: Exit
Under Option 4 (Rifle):
    Buy Assault Rifle (Primary weapon)
    1: AK-47
    2: Sig SG-552 commando
    3: Colt M4A1 Carbine
    4: Steyr Aug

    Buy Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
    5: Steyr Scout
    6: AI Arctic Warfare/Magnum
    7: H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle

    0: Exit
Under Option 5 (machine gun):
    1: FN M249 Para

    0: Exit
Equipemnt menu:
    1: Kevlar Vest
    2: Kevlar Vest & Helmet
    3: Flashbang
    4: HE Grenade
    5: Smoke Grenade
    6: Defuse Kit (Only availble on the de-xxxxxx maps)
    7: Night Vision Goggles

    0: Exit
Once you have spent your money and are ready its time to go and support your team in achieving its objectives on the map.

Hostage Rescue
Maps: cs-backalley, cs-747, cs-italy, cs-docks, cs-militia, cs-siege, cs-assault, cs-estate, cs-office, cs-arabstreets
Terrorist Objectives: Block CT's attempts at rescue and secure the hostages.
Counter-Terrorist Objectives: Free the hostages and take them safely to the 'Hostage Rescue Zone'.

Maps: de-cbble, de-aztec, de-train, de-dust, de-prodigy, de-nuke, de-railroad, de-foption, de-vegas
Terrorist Objectives: Plant a bomb on any of the 'Bomb delivery zones'. After planting they must make sure it is not defused by a CT.
Counter-Terrorist Objectives: Prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb. If they plant a bomb then the aim is to defuse it before it blows.

Terrorist Escape
Maps: es-trinity, es-jail, es-frantic
Terrorist Objectives: With weaponry picked up from a near armoury you must escape to one of the two escape points. At least half of the Terrorists have to escape.
Counter-Terrorist Objectives: Prevent Terrorists from escaping.

Maps: as-oilrig, as-tundra, as-forrest, as_highrise
Terrorist Objectives: To assassinate the VIP.
Counter-Terrorist Objectives: Lead the VIP to safety and help him get to the escape point.

Test map
Maps: de-jeepathon2000
Information:The Counter-Strike team have said that the de-jeepathon2000 is meant as a test/prototype map only.
You can play this map like all the others, however its designed to play and test the jeeps in the game.

Money is the key to getting the better weapons, items and extras. It works out like this: -
    The Good
    Rescuing a Hostage: $1000 for individual, $150 for team-mates
    'Use' a Hostage: $150 for individual, $100 for team-mates
    Kill Opponent: $300 for individual
    Terrorists Win by Bombing Target: $2750 for team members
    Win by Elimination Hostage map: $2000 for team members
    Win by Elimination Bomb map: $2500 for team members
    Counter-terrorist’s Defuse Bomb: $2750 for team members
    Counter-terrorist’s Win by Rescuing Hostages: $2000 for team members + Hostage bonuses
    Surviving Hostage Bonus: $150 per hostage for team members
    Hostages Rescued Bonus: $250 per hostage for counter-terrorist team members
    Either Team Loses Round: $1400 for team members
    Either Team Loses over 2 Consecutive Rounds: $1400 + $500 per round for team members (maximum of $2900).

    The Bad
    Kill a team-mate: -$3300 for individual
    Kill a Hostage: -$1500 for individual
Placing a Bomb. (Terrorist only)
This is for the maps that require you to place a bomb in a zone. The first thing you will need to do is look for the bomb symbol on the screen. A terrorist will always start a round with the bomb attached to his back. It's will be his job to plant it in the zone. Once at the zone you will have to select the bomb (key "5" default). Kneel down then press and hold the fire button. A progress bar will appear which will fill up. Once full the bomb is set. Then leave the bomb and it becomes armed. It will explode in about 45 seconds. This means you have to protect it from the counter-terrorist so they cant defuse it. Be careful you are not to close at the end of the 45 seconds. Any player from either team close to the blast will die and the terrorists will have won the round.

Defusing a Bomb. (Counter Terrorist only)
On maps where bombs can be placed you will be required to defuse it. When a terrorist has set a bomb there is 45 seconds to defuse it before it explodes. When you've managed to find its location. Kneel down on it and either:

1: With a defuse kit
Press and hold your 'use' key and a progress bar will appear. This will take 5 seconds and then the bomb will have been defused.

2: manually
Press and hold your 'use' key and a progress bar will appear. This will take 10 seconds to defuse the bomb. Either way of defusing the bomb with or without the defuse kit means that the counter-terrorist's have won the round.

Either way of the above and completion would mean that the CT's have won the round.

On the CS-xxxxxx maps you will be required to rescue hostages. These maps will be a number of hostages around the map. When a counter-terrorist goes to save a hostage after locating them you will need to make the hostage follow you. You do this by walking up to the hostage and pressing the use key (default key E). The hostage will now follow You, There is no limit on the number of hostages you can have following you. On the money side the first counter-terrorist to 'talk' to a hostage will get the $150 for them. Now that they are following you, take them to the rescue point. A new icon will now be on the counter-terrorist's screen. Head towards this to find the rescue point zone. The hostage will then disappear upon reaching the zone and the guiding counter-terrorist will be awarded $1000. Also this will help the team by making them one hostage close to completing the mission or complete the mission.

On a tactical side there may be a need to move the hostages about from a terrorist point of view. You move them in the same way as a counter-terrorist would. Walk up to them and click the use key. They will now follow you to another location.

To stop hostages following you press the use key twice, when facing them.

The V.I.P.
On the escape missions (es-xxxxxx maps) one of the counter-terrorist players will be the VIP. The player as the VIP will only be this for a couple of rounds before it changes to another player. The VIP is armed with a knife, a USP Pistol with limited ammo and is also kitted out with Kevlar armour. The VIP's safety will be the job of the other counter-terrorist players. The VIP must make it to an escape point. When the VIP reaches the escape point the counter-terrorist’s have won the round. The mission will be littered with Terrorists trying to kill the VIP to win the round.

The Vehicles
The Counter-Strike team have said that the driveable vehicle code is very early and is nowhere near polished, it will be improved upon in coming releases. The vehicles tend to get stuck and are buggy.

This is new to Counter-Strike beta 7. There is only one map to use them on and this is a test map. It’s a good opportunity to have a play with the jeeps on the map.
To drive a jeep you will have to jump in the front of the jeep and press the use key. This might take a couple of attempts. To drive your vehicle you will have to use the same keys you use to move about a map. Forward, back, sidestep left and right will move the vehicle around the map, as you would expect. You can also run your enemy over as well as anything else that walks. Be careful to miss teammates and hostages. As you are in the vehicle you can use the mouse to turn your view and aim as normal. Shooting the enemy as you drive past will soon become a required skill.

A key role on achieving the mission objectives is to talk to your team-mates and let them know what you are doing, what the enemy is doing and where you are. There are many more things you can relay too.
To chat to anyone you can use the chat key (default key is Y) and just type in the message and enter when you finish and you will send the message.
To chat to your team ONLY use the team chat key (default is U). Type in the message and then hit enter to send.

Along with this you also have radio messages you can use. In the radio messages there are three groups.

Group Radio commands
1: "GO"
2: "Fall Back"
3: "Stick Together Team"
4: "Get in Position"
5: "Storm the Front"
6: "Repot In"

Radio Commands
1: "Cover Me"
2: "You Take the Point"
3: "Hold This Position"
4: "Regroup Team"
5: "Follow Me"
6: "Taking Fire, Need Assistance"

Radio Response/Reports
1: "Affirmative/Roger"
2: "Enemy Spotted"
3: "Need Backup"
4: "Sector Clear"
5: "I'm in Position"
6: "Reporting In"
7: "She's gonna Blow!"
8: "Negative"
9: "Enemy Down"

Now you are ready to go and play. The best way to get good is to practice the more you practice the more you get used to the game and enjoy it.

All the best in Counter-Strike from the GamesInferno team.

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