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GICSC registration
There is current 52 clans registered for the GICSC and I shall be closing the registration very soon. So if you would like to register for the GICSC and havent done so yet, what you waiting for? I shall be working out some rules and taking ideas from various people very soon so keep an eye out.
posted by RuinatioN @ 11:58

GICSC Postponed :o(
Yes the GICSC is postponed till after the GICSL has taken part. This means that all you clans that want to be entered into a cup can now register for the cup. There will be clan port up for grabs for the winner. To register your interest please visit CS Inferno - GICSC.
posted by RuinatioN @ 10:54

UT Assault Leapfrog Ladder
If you are into assault and feal your clan will do well then scoot off and register to the ladder on the AS Leapfrog website.
posted by RuinatioN @ 13:16

UT and Q3 Update
Keep them registrations coming in. We will soon be starting the leagues. The ladders are now in motion. Current discussions include trying to get a Q3 league for DM and CTF going. If there is anyone out there willing to lend a hand then please email me.
posted by RuinatioN @ 13:11

UT On The Move
GamesInferno are now taking signups for the Games Inferno Rocket Arena Cup (GIRAC). You can visit the RA CUP webiste or click on this direct link to the signup page. Also you will find that we are running a Team DM Cup and signup. For all them CTF fans out there we havent forgot you! The CTF cup and signup. Now for a league! We have the Sur-5-vor 5v5 Team DM league taking signups too. There is also an Assult ladder, more details on that soon. Have fun!
posted by RuinatioN @ 11:21

Quake3 update
Applications for the duel and 2v2 ladders are now taking place over at Q3a Inferno. Go register your interest and join these ladders.
posted by RuinatioN @ 16:18

UT Leagues update
The Sur-5-vor GIUT-TDM league is now looking for clans to compete in the 5v5 Team DM league which is going to be starting soon. If you are interested please email either Phar or Silverback.
posted by Danzanti6 @ 16:08

Quake3 Duel and 2v2 Ladders
I have been told that these two ladders are nearly ready now and will be launched very soon. Keep an eye on the Quake3 Forum and the Quake3 website. News will be posted with register links as soon as they are released.
posted by RuinatioN @ 13:38

Gamesinferno UT leagues - on their way!!!
One of the things we've lacked here at UT Inferno has been leagues. We may have the clan server and game server scene, but till we get leagues working at a similar level then we'll never be totally happy ;)
It's for this reason our main priority now is the creation of these leagues. We've already managed to find one straight away: Quinn's Instagib league.

Watch this space for futher info on new leagues. If Silver and myself get our way we'll be running more leagues than anyone around. We will be running everything from Team DM through to Rocket Arena and Tactical Ops.

Also if you feel your capable of being an admin then can you please post on the UT Forum and an admin will get in touch with you.
posted by danzanti6 @ 17:13

UT and Q3
We are currently working towards bringing a host of leagues and comps to both these games. More news will be posted on the main sites as well as on here. If you have ideas then please post them on the UT Forum and Q3 Forum.
posted by RuinatioN @ 12:58

Quake3:Arena website
Well done to Tim (Jeh) on the new Quake3 website. This site has some very nice touches and is well worth a look. Go visit the new site at Q3a Inferno.
posted by RuinatioN @ 11:22

GamesInferno Dial-up
The GI Dial-up has been now optimised for better performance, however you will now need to enter a username and password. The username and password is the same and it is Guest. To setup a GI dialup then go to the DIALUP page. The best just got better :o)
posted by RuinatioN @ 17:28

UT Leagues
More leagues from GamesInferno. We are currently having discussions on the UT Forum. If you a UT fan and have a view on this then please visit the forums and enter the discussion. We will announce more on the outcome of the discussion very soon.
posted by RuinatioN @ 17:25

GamesInferno CS League
Good news for CS fans. We currently have the best CS clan in the country now running our CS League. Clan UKLA are now in charge of the GICSL and it is now in full flow of getting clans registered. News is filtering through that it is getting big, but we want more!
If you want to get involved in this exciting league then go to to the registration page for more information.
posted by RuinatioN @ 13:33

CS Inferno Launched
The launch of CS Inferno also sees the launch of the GICSC and GICSL.

If you would like to join the upcoming GICSL then please visit CS Inferno for more information or go to the registration page.
posted by RuinatioN @ 12:07

GICSC Week 2
Week 2 of the GICSC is underway and passed off without a problem. There are 32 clans fighting for a clan port and it's still in the group stages. As the anticipation and excitement rises, we'll bring you more details...
posted by RuinatioN @ 12:07

Quake 3 Leagues Planned
The overhauled Quake3 site is nearing completion, with leagues planned to kick off within a month of the site re-launch. Having seen a preview, everything looks really promising for the Q3 leagues. Expect to see leagues based upon some mods too.
posted by RuinatioN @ 12:07

Ground Control R0x0rs!
Being a player of the recently released Ground Control, I have to say its good fun. Gamesinferno are currently looking at the possibilty of implementing a competition of some form for this top game. You can find details of our Ground Control servers on the server pages. Go jump on a server now!

More news on this soon...
posted by RuinatioN @ 12:07

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