Multiplayer Action Games
Counter-Strike - In the Half-Life modification, Counter-Strike, you either play as a Terrorist or a Counter Terrorist depending on which side you want to join, with specific goals for each game such as saving (or killing) a stranded VIP.
Fortress - The official Half-Life add-on, Team Fortress Classic, allows you to play as one of many different classes. You could play as a spy, a medic, an engineer or one of several other choices, in order to help your team's strategy to win this game of Capture The Flag.
Ground Control - Taking real time strategy to the next level, Ground Control's stunning 3D engine places you in the middle of a war over land and power on a distant planet. Take on the computer AI, or play against real opponents online.
Half-Life - Half-Life still reigns supreme as the best Single player first person game, and it's also great fun to play online. You can choose from the standard Half-Life deathmatch servers or try out one of the modifications for the game.
QuakeWorld - The original online first person shooter, QuakeWorld is a classic combining accuracy and quick thinking with pace and skill to form the best hardcore deathmatch action still available today.
Quake 2 - Based upon the original Quake engine, Quake 2 built on it's predecessors single player but is also enjoyed online by many fans. Slower than QuakeWorld, Q2 offers a more strategic style of play.
Quake 3: Arena - Bots are fun but they can't compare to the unpredictability, and downright sneakiness of a human opponent. Designed to be the ultimate deathmatch experience, you can choose from free for all, duels and team game matches in a large number of battle arenas.
Star Trek: Elite Force - Combining cutting edge visuals of the Q3 engine, with the Star Trek universe and a single player experience, Raven follow up SoF with Elite Force.
Unreal Tournament - Welcome to the future, here great tournaments are fought to find the fiercest warriors whose names will go down in history as the best of the best! Join us on our death match servers where it is each man to himself, challenge someone to a 1 on 1 duel, or work together in a teamplay game.
Game Server Listings - Dynamic list of the state of all our game servers including the number of players online.

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