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Quake 2
A hugely popular game in it's time, and still going strong. Even though the masses have converted to the new flashy lights and graphics of Quake3: Arena, die-hard Q2'ers still flock to servers in their masses.

Change The World
Quake2 comes in many flavours, by this I mean that there are literally a shed load of modifications (or Mods) out there to keep everyone happy and interested.

With a few Mods you're not required to download anything extra to play on their type of servers as the Mods are what's known as "server-side", most however, DO require you to download, but I'd advise downloading it anyway, 'cause it means you can start your own local servers and play against your friends over your home network!

The majority of Q2'ers will always say that they prefer "Vanilla" Q2, which is more or less the "straight-out-of-the-box" game, but don't let this put you off because there is a mod to suit everyone, for example; Rocket Arena, Lithium, JailBreak, Freeze Tag, even down to the likes of Catch The Chicken.

Vanilla Quake 2
Respawn, pick up weapons and ammo, and go frag! The basic Quake2 game structure is probably the best place to start if you're new to Q2.

A massively popular Mod, it has a large UK following but it's widely played by many Europeans. It's basically the same format as "Vanilla" Quake2, but with the added bonus of a "hook" (grapple) and diamond shaped "runes" (power-ups). If you want a fast game of Quake2, choose Lithium. We run two Lithium-type servers, the first is Lithium DeathMatch, and the second, Lithium TeamPlay.

Games Inferno also host the servers for the UK Lithium League, so if you fancy getting some league team action, pop over to the UKLL site.

Rocket Arena 2
One of, if not the most played Mod for Quake2. The concept of "RA" as it's known is simple. Put two players on a map, give them full weapons, full ammo, full health and armour, remove all of items and health packs, and watch them battle it out to see who remains standing. In a winner stays on format, all other competitors wait in "line" for their turn to take on the previous winner.

Freeze Tag
This from the official Freeze web site. "In Freeze the goal is not to capture any flag, but rather, save your teammates and at the same time waste the enemy. Actually it's save the frozen teammates, follow any teammate group attack, keep the enemy away from their frozen fallen, and try to kill them at the same time. And make sure you don't die."

"JB" is kind of like CTF (Capture The Flag) in that your team has a "base". Your base has a jail inside, which means that whenever you kill one of your opposing team, they're sent to your jail. Your enemy can free their team mates from your jail by the press of a button, so guarding your base is a must! If you manage to kill all of your opposition, and they're all inside your jail, they're executed and your team earns a mass of points. Sound your kind of thing?

That's only a small handful of different modifications for Quake2. There are many to choose from, and will always keep you entertained.

Getting Started
To get yourself going, visit our files page and download the latest Q2 patches and any mods you want to play, then pop over to our server page and find a server to play on.

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