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Star Trek: Elite Force

Anyone who would like to get involved posting news, setting up leagues or getting involved in the Elite Force community here at GI in any way, give me a mail  - mnementh@gamesinferno.com,  as we will be getting everything  set up over the next couple of weeks.

Elite Force servers are now online here at GI!

Please visit the server page for up to the minute information on our servers status,
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Multiplayer Action

The Quake III engine definitely knows how to do deathmatch and Raven have given us extremely fast paced multiplayer action with great manouverability. The explanation for being able to frag Janeway or 7 of 9 in a fight to the death is that it is taking place on the ship's holodeck.
There are over 30 multiplayer maps to choose from, and with the source code and tools having been released for fans to try their own hands at maps and mods,  we expect many more to come. If you would like to try your hand at creating an Elite Force map or mod visit EFmodCentral to find out all about it

Elite Force has been developed with the Quake III Arena engine, so the level of fast-paced shoot'em-up action is much higher than anything ever actually seen on Star Trek Voyager, the show.

Raven software knows a few things about first-person-shooters, being the masterminds behind such games as Soldier of Fortune and Hexen. The straight forward use of the Quake III engine makes sense not just because it's one of the best looking engines out there, but also for its ability to create curved surfaces. The 3D interiors of the Voyager and other starships look dead-on like the TV show's sets, making it easier for gamers and trekkers alike to suspend their belief. Coupled with the intense gameplay inherent in any Quake engine, and you've got a potentially ass-kicking Star Trek title.

The Game

Over the 30 levels and 8 missions of Elite Force, you'll play as Alexander Monroe (or the female version, Alexandra there's no effect on gameplay) who's not your typically doomed red-shirt ensign. He's a member of Elite Force, Voyager's answer to a SWAT team, who will be called upon to lead away teams on missions off and on the ship.

The game opens with Voyager under an attack which results in it being transported into a strange segment of space cluttered with derelict ships from around the universe. You'll be charged with exploring some of these ships in search of parts needed to repair Voyager's warp core as well as defending your ship versus hostile aliens, privateers, and other unpleasant sorts.

Cutting Edge Design & Technology

The designers at Raven have been working very closely with Id, updating their version of the Quake III engine with each updated release from Id. Starship interiors look really fantastic, due in great part to Quake III's ability to model curved surfaces as we mentioned earlier.

In fact, Elite Force uses the engine so well that the game could be mistaken for an elaborate mod if it wasn't for the innovative AI developed in house by Raven. Your squad won't be capable of following complex commands, but in a fire-fight they'll cover each other, take cover behind objects and fall back to more easily defensible areas when overwhelmed. Some aliens behave in unique ways due to the AI as well. The Borg will generally ignore intruders on their ship until provoked and will also use their adaptive technology to render your weapons useless.

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