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Races Delay Statement from Bits
I have recieved the following statement from Bits regarding the races delays....

"Ok Guys, we know the road hasn't been smooth and we know that the competition date has been changed but the reason for this is because we want to maximise the games' potential. We have decided that are going to begin the races in a few weeks time, more specific information will be given out when dates have been confirmed, so that you can get more familiar with your athletes, work on their training and the time will enable more players to come on board to make the competition more exciting.

If you have any queries or concerns with aspects of the game please contact us at gamesmagnet@bitscorp.com and we will provide you with as much information as you need. We apologise for the change in events but we are only trying to ensure the exciting game play! Watch this space for more information..."
posted by Mnementh @ 20.30

Green Key Download
Yup that third Key has arrived at last, go to the Games magnet site. This download will give you the training icons for the Stadium Run, Mountain Run and Hurdles Run.
posted by Mnementh @ 11.30

More Athletes
There are Six more athletes up and available for download on the Gamesmagnet VA site - bringing the number of athletes on their site up to 8. For help with clues as to where to find them, have a look at our athlete's portraits page as mentioned below.
posted by Mnementh @ 14.25

Athlete Portraits.
A new page has been added to our VA game guides showing all forty of the athletes that you will eventually be able to collect, along with their sponsors and a clue to where you might find them.

We will try to keep this updated so if you have any idea where some of them may be hiding please - let me know, make up a good clue to go with them and I will put that in aswell!
posted by Mnementh @ 23.15

Well this is a kind of cheat anyway, but it won't get you very far if you do it.

It has been noticed that some people have been downloading the athletes by just changing the name in the html files rather than searching for and downloading them from the sites where they are hiding. If you have been doing this then you know what I am talking about if you havn't then dont worry about it!!

Now you can actually download the data, install it and play locally with the athlete by doing this.

BUT the athlete has never been registered with the server so there are two consequences:

- schedules don't get applied

- the server sees you use an athlete that you don't have.

Entering these athletes in races will flag you and you may find yourself being rather embarrassed at the start of a race, and anyway as they never really trained they won't do well.

So you have been warned!
posted by Mnementh @ 22.50

Red Key Download.
Well you will all be glad to hear that problems with the Red key download have been sorted!

If you were one of the people who first downloaded the red key and then found that VA no longer worked, go back to the Games Magnet site and download the Key again, and VA will restart.

This new download gives you three more training icons to add to your athletes schedules. You can now get your athlete to do warm up exercises, use a rowing machine or time his runs out at the beach. Another change that has been made with this download is that muscle mass is now being properly taken into account.
posted by Mnementh @ 22.30

Chubby Champs Comp.
Donutlord our resident funster has instigated a Chubby Champs competition, forcefeed one of your athletes with fatty foods and make sure they do no exercise to see who can create the fattest athlete of them all!

Donutlord has managed to get his fat athlete up to about 143kg (thats around 22 stones) so far, can you do any better? Tell us your Fat Athlete statistics in the VAForum
posted by Mnementh @ 11.40

Some Changes.
Some of you will have noticed that the Yellow Key upgrade has made a few other changes apart from giving you more exciting exercises for your athlete. One change that has been noticed is, when you click on an a sponsored athlete to get their attention in 3Dview their face icon now changes into a net icon. If you then click on the net icon you will be taken to the sponsors site.
posted by Mnementh @ 11.20

Yellow Key Download
Three new activities, the exercise bike, Treadmill and Tai Chi exercises are now available for you to download here.

Depending on when you first downloaded Virtual Athlete the upgrade process may fail on GDX.dll. The official word from Games Magnet is that you can get round this problem by either :-

shutting down VA: right click on the VA icon on your taskbar by the clock and select quit, then go back to the yellow key page,


after shutting down VA you can go to the directory where VA is installed and run setup.exe. The default installation path is c:\program files\GamesMagnet.

I had to use the second option to get the new activities to work.
posted by Mnementh @ 11.05

Virtual Athletes - the interactive game by Games Magnet
Virtual Athletes is now available for you to download for Free! Have fun collecting and training athletes for virtual competitions, managing their training schedules, deciding on their diet and playing games with them.

There are five top prizes of $10 000, and many other cash prizes available that you could win, so go and find out how you can download it now at the Games Magnet website.

We have a full list of all Events and Prizes here.
posted by Mnementh @ 4:23

Search the Site
Games Inferno is one of Virtual Athlete's official sponsors.

Athletes are hiding somewhere on our site, can you find them?
posted by Mnementh @ 4:23

Host your own Virtual athlete.
Would you like to run your own Virtual Athlete site and give athletes to your visitors? You can get free website hosting with us at Gamesinferno with ASP and PHP support - go to our hosting pages to sign up.

Information on how you can give athletes to your visitors can be found here at Free Athletes
posted by Mnementh @ 4:23

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