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Preserving History - Many, many, years later...
Using a combination of some seriously old backups (thanks Beast!), coupled with some other bits of data which I pulled back down from archive.org, this site has been lovingly restored to exactly how it used to be in August 2000, before the whole dot-com-boom thing all went a bit Pete Tong.

If you spot any broken links or have any suggestions on what could be done with Games Inferno, please get in touch.
posted by Streaky aka Ping^Spike @ 21:47 on 2 September 2015

Games Inferno Official Announcement
On 1st August 2000 the new Games Inferno site, infrastructure and network was launched. We can now officially announce that Games Inferno has a full time team dedicated to bringing you the best in on line multiplayer multi-platform games.

Over the next few days the additional services will be launched as we complete the move over to the new network.

Additional information will be published in our official press releases over the next couple of weeks with copies posted to our corporate web site.
posted by Knutcracker @ 20:55

Hell, No, We Won't Go
Many gaming sites have posted 'news' (read as rumour) that Sega are due to pull out of the arcade business in the US and Europe, after their losses of 2.7 billion yen. However, this rumour has been vehemently refuted by Sega, who say that there are absolutely no plans for them to pull out of the arcade market, in any sector, and that nothing like that would happen in the forseeable future. This is surely good news considering the quality of Sega's arcade output. They say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)
posted by Siz @ 19:59

Smack Me Down Some More
Reading up from a news article on Computer Trade Weekly it has emerged that THQ are to bring forward the release of WWF Smackdown 2 to a late November. Great news for fans of the original game which was a big hit with PSX owners including me where the same disc's been in it for months.
posted by DaveHart @ 19:25

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, Hello (Err, Reviews)
  • Fling yourself years into the future with PC Gameworld's review of Earth 2150.
  • Home networking via Intel Anypoint gets the review treatment here.
  • Gameplay have been putting on silly Murray Walker voices to review Grand Prix 3.
  • Finally, speed on over to Voodoo Extreme for an engine overhall of Breakneck.
  • posted by GripChimp @ 19:18

    It's A Console Jim, But Not As We Know It
    It's all very well for us to sit and shout about how many polygons a console can push, but what do we know? It's not us that has to program the wee beasties, that's where the people who really know what a console can do are..

    Dr Dobb's have slapped up a nice article about the X-Box's performance written from the perspective of a Microsoft programmer, Micheal Abrash. Whilst its hard to call the article necessarily impartial, it does give a different view on just what to expect from the PC-hybrid. Tech heads get your fix here.
    posted by Siz @ 19:13

    Bung It In A Huge Cabinet, They'll Never Notice
    Despite the title recieving less than favourable reviews from the more reliable end of the gaming press, Namco are to produce an arcade version of their rushed-out racer Ridge Racer V. The game was lambasted by many magazines for it's bland graphics (considering the potential in the PS2) and more so on its so-so gameplay, yet Games Inferno's sources.
    posted by Siz @ 19:02

    Nintendo Spell It Out
    Soon to be exhibited at the imminent Spaceworld show, Nintendo have released this list of games that will , amongst others, be seen during the show. Note, that titles for the GameBoy Advance are present.


  • Donkey Kong 2001
  • The Legend of Zelda: Fruit of the Mysterious Tree
  • Densetsu No Stafii
  • Tottoko Hamutarou: Tomodachi Daisakusen De Chu
  • Tennis GB Color (working title)
  • Kaijin Zonaa
  • Pokemon Panel De Pon (Pokemon Puzzle League)

    Game Boy Advance

  • Kuru Kuru Kururin
  • Napoleon
  • Mario Kart Advance
  • The Golden Sun

    Nintendo 64

  • The Animal Forest
  • Banjo Kazooie 2
  • Perfect Dark
  • Sin and Punishment: The Successors of Planet Earth
  • Mario Party 3
  • Doubutsu Bancho
  • Echo Delta
  • Mickey's Speedway
  • Mysterious Dungeon Series: Furai No Shiren 2

    At this point, there is still no official word on whether StarCube/Dolphin will be revealed at the show. Games Inferno will bring you more as we get it.
  • posted by Siz @ 18:54

    An Audience with Jason Hall
    Monoliths Jason Hall is a popular man at the moment with the amount of interviews he has done online. Here's CD Mag's effort entitled An Audience with Jason Hall. In the article they talk about the development of the LithTech 3D engine, game development, and the business of licensing a game engine. Gripping stuff.
    posted by DaveHart @ 16:08

    Magic and Mayhem: Art of Magic
    Voodoo Extreme have taken a quick peek at Magic and Mayhem: Art of Magic from Charybdis Limited. Not sure what this game's about but its an RPG in the style of Diablo 2. Snippet below:

    The original Magic and Mayhem from X-Com developer Mythos was met with critical acclaim as well as financial success in Europe. However, in the U.S. this small title went relatively unnoticed by gamers and was considered to be a failure. Now, the sequel has been passed on to a different developer, Charybdis (Machines), who are following the same formula that Mythos used for the original, while adding its own subtitles and refinements along the way. The end goal is to recapture the magical combo of RPG and strategy elements that made Magic and Mayhem so much fun, as well as capture by the U.S. market and create a financially successful product.
    posted by DaveHart @ 16:05

    Tiger Woods 2001 Release Slip
    Golf, one of the most boring things to watch but a relaxing activity after a hard weekend. For fans of the sport on the PC there's some bad news as Tiger Woods 2001 has been put back to early 2001" release date. Could be logical thinking to release the game in the year stated in the title or the developers want some more time to get that putting action spot on.
    posted by DaveHart @ 16:00

    Will Wright Living It Large
    Will Wright is the creator of the hugely popular people simulator the Sims. Livin' Large is the official add-on pack for this massively entertaining game. To get in the know Gamespot scored an interview with the great Will Wright himself to see what this add on is all about. Check this out.
    posted by DaveHart @ 15:52

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